Schweizer: Emails ‘Confirming’ Clinton Had ‘Intertwining Relationships’ Between Foundation and Official Dutes

Clinton Cash” author and Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Peter Schweizer said, “Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, as the emails are now confirming, had interlocking, intertwining relationships between the Clinton Foundation and her official duties” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Schweizer was asked, “we have a secretary of state. We have a Clinton Foundation. We have money flowing into the foundation while she’s secretary of state, and also arms given — arms embargoes lifted off of pretty bad countries. Is there a connection?” He answered, “I think there is, Sean, I mean, the oldest adage in Washington, DC is follow the money. And Hillary Clinton as secretary of state, as the emails are now confirming, had interlocking, intertwining relationships between the Clinton Foundation and her official duties as secretary of state. And why is that important? It’s important because foreign entities are sending the Clintons money, either to the Clinton foundation, or directly to the Clintons’ pocket in the form of these speaking fees, and she has the power, as our chief diplomat, the secretary of state, to make vastly important decisions that effect those very people sending the money. And the emails show that it’s all intertwined. She’s talking Clinton Foundation activity, Clinton aides are talking about steering money to the Clinton Global Initiative from foreign governments. It’s all what I call the Clinton blur.

He added that various countries with terrible human rights records bought Clinton’s silence, stating, “Look, as secretary of state you can do things for the benefit of somebody, or you can not do things for the benefit of someone. And for somebody like Hillary Clinton, who’s been outspoken on women’s issues since she was first lady in the 1990s, to be silent on these issues as secretary of state, is very interesting and puzzling. And look, here’s the thing we all have to recognize. In these foreign cultures, for example, in the Middle East, in Latin America, and in Asia, you’re talking about, in some instances, countries that have political cultures that are all about bribery. They’re all about getting favors from government officials. And these are the places — the very places that are sending large sums of money to the Clintons. And all you need to do is look at the inconsistencies in her posture as secretary of state, and you have to believe that these two instances or these two events are connected.

Schweizer also stated, “Look, the federal laws are very clear for federal government employees, and that includes Hillary Clinton. I mean, she’s secretary of state, she’s appointed by the president, and confirmed by the Senate, but she still has to abide by the ethical rules that all employees do. And it’s very clear. You cannot use State Department resources, or federal government resources for the benefit of a private business that you run, or your spouse or family member runs, or for the benefit of a private charity. So, whether it’s Bill’s speaking fees or the foundation, she can’t be doing that.”

Schweizer also commented on Bill Clinton’s motivation to give speeches in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and North Korea, arguing, “I think it’s financial, but I think it’s also psychological. He wants to do what he wants to do. I mean, look, if you look at the email traffic, North Korea, Democratic republic of Congo, both come with these ideas of him coming to speak in those countries, and Bill Clinton doesn’t dismiss them out of hand. What he basically does is go to the state department and say hey, I’m thinking about doing this. What do you guys think? It’s only because the state department says this is not a good idea that he decides not to do it. I mean, to me, that’s really amazing. With all the sensitive issues going on with both of these countries, that he would even entertain the idea of taking this money, to me just shows what they’re willing to do for money.”

Schweizer concluded that “it’s going to be hard” for Hillary Clinton to survive her scandals “because you have a couple of important dynamics. Number one, you have people that have raised this issue at the Department of Justice. They didn’t dismiss it out of hand. So now they’re on the record of saying there is potentially a problem here. The second thing you have to keep in mind is relationships between President Obama and Clintons [are] not great. Just go back to some of the statements that Bill Clinton made about Barack Obama in 2008. … And the way that they lied about they were going to disclose all the donations to the Clinton Foundation. They signed a written agreement with Barack Obama. They basically ignored that. So, if the president is so motivated, I would not be surprised if there are criminal charges. We’ll have to wait and see.”

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