Hillary: A Female President Would Eliminate Barrier to ‘Imagination,’ ‘Break That Glass Ceiling’

Democratic presidential candidate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that the election of a female president would “break that glass ceiling for girls” and eliminate “one of the last barriers to imagination, aspiration” in an interview set to air on Monday and Tuesday’s broadcast of ABC’s “Extra.”

Hillary was asked, “If you become the first female president of the United States, what does that mean for Charlotte and my [interview Mario Lopez’s] daughter Gia?”

She answered, “I think it means that one of the last barriers to imagination, aspiration, is gone. Not just for little girls, but little boys too. Because I think it’s important that every child in our country has the feeling that he or she could grow up to be president, or be you, or do whatever they want to do. If you break that glass ceiling for girls, and you have a woman in the White House, it sends a great message here at home, and around the world.”

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