Scarborough to GOP: Get Some ‘Balls’ and Stand up to Muslim Comments

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,”while discussing the recent Muslim controversies surrounding Republican presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump, host Joe Scarborough warned the other Republican candidates that they better “stop being milquetoast,” get some “balls” and says something about it or risk ending up having to drop out of the race like Scott Walker.

Scarborough said, “It’s a problem until somebody strong in the Republican Party stands up and speaks up about it. I said this about Mitt Romney repeatedly when Glenn Beck was running around calling the president was a racist who hated all white people, you have to stand up. This is another Sister Souljah moment. Stop being milquetoast, Republicans, to your base! They like toughness! They like people who have balls! They like people who fight back! Stop withering in the corner, or you’re going to end up like Scott Walker!”

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