The United West: Exclusive from Israel — Third Intifada Arab Uprising Underway

(THE UNITED WEST) In an exclusive on the ground report from Israel, Arie Egozi editor-in-chief of Israel’s Homeland Security Home and an expert on Israel’s national security, reports the Third Intifada is underway in Israel.

The second Arab uprising in 2000 resulted in the deaths of 3,000 Palestinians, 1,000 Israelis, and 64 foreigners, In this security brief, Egozi provides a sober, insightful analysis of the extremely serious escalation of violence by Palestinians in Israel, specifically Jerusalem on the Temple Mount.

Additionally, Egozi tells us that the Russians helping President Assad stay in power in Syria is actually a good development for Israel. Tune in to this episode of “Enemies of the State” with Tom Trento.

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