Maher: Immigration ‘Not Even An Issue,’ Failure To Pass DISCLOSE Act ‘Bigger’ Scandal Than Hillary’s Email

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued that immigration “is not even an issue” and that failure to pass the DISCLOSE Act is “a much bigger scandal than Hillary’s emails” on Friday.

Maher said, “[Senator] Marco Rubio (R-FL), his campaign has been largely funded by this Conservative Solutions Project. Apparently, their solution is hiding their donors. They’ve spent over $8 million advertising for Marco Rubio. We have no idea who the donors are. They could be Miami drug dealers. They could by ISIS. They could be Bill Cosby. We do not know, and the Democrats have brought up many times something called the DISCLOSE Act, that would make you disclose it, Republicans keep this voting this down. Isn’t this a much bigger scandal than Hillary’s emails? I think it is.”

Later, he stated, “that was something so interesting watching Democratic debate versus the Republican debate, is like, in the Democratic debate guns and climate change are issues. In the Republican debate, we can’t even agree on what the appropriate question is. We can’t even agree on what are the issues. In their world, it’s immigration, which is not even an issue.”

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