Axelrod: Sanders is Not Realistic, ‘He’s Speaking to People’s Aspirations’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” former senior adviser to President Barack Obama and political analyst David Axelrod said Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is not being realistic about having millions of people march on Washington D.C. demanding single payer health care.

When asked if it is realistic that Sanders is planing to create a revolution that is going to put pressure on congress get things passed, Axelrod said, “I had this discussion with him, he was on my podcast a few weeks ago. I asked him about health care, specifically because he’s calling for single payer health care system. I pointed out that we couldn’t even get a public option within the proposal that we had for the Affordable Care Act because some Democrats were resistant to it. He said, well I’m going to have millions of people march on Washington and representatives will look out the window and they will see that. The fact is majority of Americans don’t support single payer. I happen to think it’s a good idea but I respect the fact that a lot of Americans don’t. I think Bernie Sanders knows that he’s been in congress for 25 years, he’s a very experienced legislator and he knows what limitations are. He’s speaking to people’s aspirations and he’s doing well with it.”

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