Christie: Obama ‘A Pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel President,’ US Should Pay Others To Accept Refugees

Republican presidential candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie argued President Obama made it clear “he’s going to be a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel president” in 2008, and the US should pay other countries to accept refugees on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Christie stated, “This president made it clear in his campaign in 2008 that he’s going to be a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel president.”

Christie added, “he talked so much about the fact that there needed to be equity in Israel — in the Middle East, rather, regarding the Palestinians and Israel. I don’t see them as moral equivalents, Sean. I just don’t.”

He further stated that criticizing radical Islamic terrorism isn’t criticizing Islam itself, and “this has nothing to do with the underlying religion. It’s what people do to masquerade their terrorist activity behind a religious philosophy.”

Regarding the refugee crisis, Christie stated, “It’s a real danger to take in any of these folks, and that’s why I’ve been advocating for the idea that what we need to do is to incentivize our allies the world, especially in the Middle East, for them to take these folks in.” He added that this incentive would be paying countries to accept refugees.

Christie continued that President Obama “created” the crisis through his foreign policy.

Christie, after being asked if he would support a safe zone in Syria, stated, “Absolutely, and that’s why advocated from the beginning that we need to put a no-fly zone into effect in those areas, and protect those areas from Assad and from the Russians.”

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