Trump on Paul Ryan: ‘Can Be Worked With,’ ‘Wish He Was Stronger’ on Illegal Immigration

On Lou Dobbs’ Thursday broadcast on the Fox Business Network, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump sounded off on Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his announcement that he would be a candidate for House Speaker.

Trump told host Lou Dobbs he saw Ryan as someone he could work with, but also said he wished he was stronger on illegal immigration.

[Relevant portion at 3:00 mark]

“I think he can be worked with, absolutely,” Trump said. “It sounds like it’s now something he wants and sounds like the conservative groups within — that everybody said was going to oppose him – it sounds like they’re coming into line. It’s time they choose somebody and I think it’s going to be him. It sounds to me like they’re coalescing and going to choose Paul Ryan, who’s a very nice person. I know him a little bit, not very well. I wish he was stronger on the situation with the whole illegal immigration, but perhaps he’ll get stronger as time goes by.

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