McCain: Obama’s ISIS Rhetoric ‘Embarrassing,’ Full of ‘False Pride’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said President Barack Obama ‘s rhetoric on sticking to a failed strategy to defeat ISIS was “embarrassing” and based in “false pride.”

McCain said, “It’s embarrassing that the leader of the free world says an obviously failed strategy, particularity in light — now we know ISIS has nearly global reach— that things are going fine. That his quote strategy, and by the way, I never heard that strategy articulated, is succeeding. It’s embarrassing when he says people who disagree with him quote pop off. Does that mean Mike Morell his former deputy head of the CIA who says his strategy is not working, is that David Petraeus who has come forward with a proposal on the no-fly zones to stop the barrel problems, people like General Keane, architect of the surge, are these people all just popping off? Then it’s embarrassing  when he continues to set up a straw man saying there is either nothing done or 100,000 troops. No one I know of is recommending 100,000 troops. We are recommending an international coalition of Arab and European countries with about ten thousand America troops. But for him to stand there for 45 minute and allege the status quo is fine and we are making progress. I just hope we don’t make more progress.”

He continued, “We’ll have to go in there and take them out. Not just in Iraq and Ramadi, but into Syria as well. We’ll have to kill them.”

He added, “This false pride is all I can think of that he wants to stick to what is clearly failed because of his commitment when he came to the presidency that he would get us out of all wars. How is that working out?”

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