Fiorina: Obama Thinks GOP Is the Enemy, While ISIS IS Planning Attacks on US

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina criticized President Obama for his comments about Republican opponents of his Syrian refugee program, stating, “I guess he and Hillary Clinton agree, the enemies are Republicans” on Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom.”

Fiorina said, “It is outrageous that a sitting president, immediately following a terrorist attack, where we know, that ISIS is attempting to plan attacks here in the US, that he would use his time to attack Republicans. It is just outrageous. This is revealing of the fact that President Obama doesn’t understand the nature of the threat. I guess he’s like Hillary Clinton, he thinks Republicans are his enemies. He’s a politician, not a leader. And here’s the reality of the situation, he ought to be focused on the real enemy, he ought to understand the threat that is ongoing, and here, once again he somehow believes that it is Republican’s words that are recruitment tool[s] for ISIS. Honestly, he doesn’t understand the nature of the threat. he never has. It is outrageous. There’s nothing that we’re going to say or do that causes ISIS to do what they do. They are at war with us. They are at war with this nation. They are at war with our way of life, they are at war with Europe, and President Obama is speaking in a way that is beneath his office.”

She added, “It’s all he gets fired up about, is arguing with Republicans, that’s what he gets fired up about. He doesn’t get fired up about ISIS. He doesn’t get fired up about the threat to the homeland. He doesn’t get fired up about what we need to do to change our strategy to defeat them. He gets fired up about attacking Republicans.”

Fiorina further said, “I guess he and Hillary Clinton agree, the enemies are Republicans. Unfortunately, it seems to me, that the Republicans are the ones focused on the security of the homeland. How can we continue to admit Syrian refugees, when all of our intelligence communities admit that they cannot properly vet them?”

She concluded, “Let’s face it, Martha, the rules of engagement that the military has been constrained by for some time now, are political expediency, just as, President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 giving up all of our hard-fought gains, was political expediency. This is an administration driven by political expediency, rather than a strategy of how to win on the ground. The reality is, we have a whole set of allies in that region, who have been fighting ISIS for years now, whether it’s Jordan, or Kuwait, the Kurds, or the Saudis or Egyptians. All of them have been asking us for support, as have the Turks.  We haven’t done it. And isn’t it amazing, that our completely ineffectual bombing campaign was suddenly ramped up on Monday? The point is, this president is delusional when he says he has a strategy to win. He does not. He is not telling the truth to the american people when he says this — Paris is a temporary setback. It is not. He clearly does not understand the nature of enemy here. They are at war with us. We must wage a war and win, and contrast his statements with the clarity of purpose expressed by President Hollande, or David Cameron of Britain. They understand what the threat is. Our president does not. Hillary Clinton does not. Bernie Sanders does not. It’s astonishing, but it also puts our homeland at risk, and in danger. Yes, tough calls need to be made in a time of war. Yes, there are many things that we should be doing that we could have been doing over the last couple years that we are not doing, but clearly this president reveals once again, that politics is his North Star. It is always politics.”

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