Islamic State Suicide Bombers Unleashing ‘Franken-truck’ on Kurds: ‘Something Out of a Movie’

During Sunday’s CBS “60 Minutes,” correspondent Lara Logan reported a new form of weapon used by ISIS on the Kurds, which was described by Maj. Gen. Peter E. Gersten as “something out of a movie.”

ISIS is now welding metal plates onto trucks, loading them with bombs and a suicide bomber and driving into enemy lines, then setting off the bombs. American soldiers have named these new deadly weapons “Franken-trucks,” which the radical Islamist troops use six to eight of per operation, according to Gersten.

“These ‘Franken-trucks’ are something out of a movie, something you see in a science fiction movie. These are vehicles that they’ve welded metal plates to, loaded them with high explosives, put a suicide bomber inside of them, and set themselves off. That is their precision weapon,” Gersten explained.

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