Ben Stein: Obama Thinks Americans Are ‘Racist Sons of B*tches’ on Refugees

Economist, and speechwriter for Presidents Nixon and Ford Ben Stein argued that President Obama views the American people as “racist sons of b*tches” when it comes to the Syrian refugees in an interview with Fox News Radio’s John Gibson on Monday.

Stein said, “We have a mealy-mouthed president who takes pleasure in thumbing the eyes of the American people. What he’s doing about the refugees, and the very legitimate concern that Americans feel about taking in these refugees is just…putting his thumb in the eyes of the American people. Clearly, the American people have a legitimate point. There are large numbers of Syrian refugees who want to come in, when you see them on TV, the line is endless, like the Israelites fleeing Egypt, but it’s perfectly legitimate to say, ‘Well, some of these are going to be terrorists.’ Some of them of course will be terrorists.  Why not put a stop to it, wait and see what we can do in the way of putting in controls? … Instead, Mr. Obama says, I’m better than you. I’m morally superior to you. You guys are racist sons of b*tches. … You guys are nasty Klansmen and nativists. But, the questions the American people raise are quite legitimate questions, and I don’t see why they deserve the condescension of a president. I cannot — I’ve seen a lot of presidents, I cannot remember seeing any presidents who were quite so condescending to the American people.”

Stein added, “this idea that he is going to tell us what is right and what is wrong is just — and by the way that we’re a bunch of ignorant, backwoods Klansmen, I don’t get where he’s going with that.” He further described this attitude as “pure snobbery” and the Obama administration as an “effete corps of impudent snobs.”

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