Rubio: Christie Has Been ‘Very Similar’ To Obama, I’d ‘Repeatedly Challenge’ China’s Territorial Claims

Republican presidential candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio argued that fellow candidate New Jersey Governor Chris Christie “has done a number of things that are very similar to the Obama agenda” on Thursday’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast” on the Fox Business Network.

Rubio stated, “being president of the United States is not the same as being a real estate developer. First of all, the president doesn’t run the economy, the private sector does. The job of a president is to support policies that allow the private sector to succeed. … And I think it’s important for people running for president to clearly detail, not just what they’re going to do, don’t just say we’re going to make America great, or we’re going to create all these jobs. How are you going to do it? What are the specific policies you’re going to pursue to put that in place?”

Later, when asked about some of the territorial waters of other nations that China has claimed, “I would sail right through those waters. I would put the US Navy, and repeatedly sail right through those waters. And repeatedly challenge both the air rights that they’re claiming, and the sea lines that they’re claiming. I would, as as part of rebuilding our military alliance in the region, rebuild our capacity to work with the Japanese. The Japanese have quite an impressive Navy. The South Koreans as well. The Philippines needs an upgrade in their ability to protect their territorial waters. I think we need to reinvigorate our Pacific military alliance, and that begins with the United States investing the resources necessary to rebuild our Navy.”

After the discussion turned to ads about Christie that a pro-Rubio group put out, Rubio stated that while he didn’t put the ads out, “they’re 100% accurate. The fact of the matter is, Chris Christie has supported Common Core, and in fact has badmouthed Republicans that oppose it. Chris Christie has supported gun control. Chris Christie supported a[n] assault weapons ban. It’s the reason why he got into politics to begin with. Chris Christie personally contributed to Planned Parenthood. Chris Christie has done a number of things that are very similar to the Obama agenda. And I just don’t think this country can afford to elect a president that will not stand up and undo the damage Barack Obama has done to this country.” Rubio later added, “there is no one running for president who has a better understanding, or has shown better judgement on the national security issues before our country than I have. Unlike Chris Christie, or some of the other people running, I am prepared, on my very first day in office, to be the commander-in-chief of the United States.”

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