Jeb: I Imagine Trump Wearing ‘a Bathrobe and Nice Slippers’ When He Phones in TV Interviews

During a town hall Republican presidential candidate former Gov. Jeb Bush (R-FL) mocked his opponent front-runner Donald Trump for phoning in TV interviews.

Bush said he imagines Trump in “a great bathrobe and nice slippers.”

Bush said, “Everybody running for president on the Republican side is in the witness protection program, you ever heard of that? The name Trump comes up and they avoid the conversation, and he does garner a lot of press. I just envision him in Trump Tower, on the 54th floor, whatever beautiful apartment, calls to ‘Fox & Friends,’ ‘Morning Joe’ and morning CNN, sitting there with a great bathrobe and nice slippers and he’s just, he consumes the space. He has an extraordinary ability to get a lot of press coverage. He probably has more press coverage than all the other candidates including the Democrats combined. I’m not in charge of that. I can’t control that but I can say he is not a conservative. He is not.”

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