Rubio: My Campaign Never Sent News Carson Was Dropping Out — Cruz’s Campaign ‘Willing To Say Or Do Anything’

Republican presidential candidate Florida Senator Marco Rubio commented on the controversy between fellow candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson over Cruz’s campaign spreading rumors Carson was dropping out during the Iowa caucuses by saying his campaign never sent news Carson was dropping out, and the behavior of Cruz’s campaign is “an indication of a campaign that’s willing to say or do anything” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Rubio stated, “First of all, my campaign never sent that news around, that’s false. … I think the fundamental — the deeper problem was that there were people on the ground in Iowa, related to the Cruz campaign that were going around telling people at caucus sites that Ben Carson was dropping out in the hopes that they’d switch their vote, and we heard it from a handful of people at some the caucuses we went to, as well, that they had been told that. And Ted, I understand, has apologized for his campaign’s involvement in that. And I understand Ben has accepted it, but he’s still upset. I think to me it’s an indication of a campaign that’s willing to say or do anything in order to win and it’s troubling and unfortunate. I think Ben deserves more than that. He’s worked very hard in this campaign. he’s a fine gentleman and an upstanding person, and I thought he deserved better, but, ultimately, we’ll continue to move forward here on our campaign. We feel good about the way things are going, but it’s one of those unfortunate things that happens, and an unfair thing, really.”

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