Gutfeld: Trump’s ‘Record Flip-Flop’ on Visas Matches ‘The Definition of Establishment’

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s change in position on visas is “a record flip-flop” that met “the definition of establishment” on Friday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld began, “For so long, most of the media has let Donald Trump hit from the ladies’ tee, until last night, when this lady, teed one up, on him.”

After playing a clip of Trump saying that he had changed his position on visas for highly-skilled workers in response to a question from moderator Megyn Kelly, Gutfeld remarked, “So he’s changed. I like that. Good for him. I applaud him for admitting this, and Megyn as well for asking that important question. But it is weird. Days ago he championed American workers replaced at Disney. Then last night defended the use of foreign tech workers. That’s got to be a record flip-flop. Now the definition of establishment is one who seeks power, and does anything to hold on to it, meaning say anything to get elected, then abandon those promises. We just saw that from the man who condemns it in others. ‘They’re taking our jobs’ is now, we have to have talented people in this country. I absolutely agree, but I wonder how others feel. Has anyone checked in on David Duke? But we can change our minds, and at least he did it before the election, not after. The question is, would he have told us if we didn’t ask? Last night we learned a little more about a potential president. And that is, we know very little at all. It’s all in his head, and it’s subject to change, based on what? Does anyone know? Does he really know?”

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