MSNBC Guest: GOP in ‘Crisis,’ Trump Stoking Racial Greivances

MSNBC senior editor Beth Fouhy spoke Saturday on MSNBC on the state of the Republican Party, saying the GOP is in a “crisis” because party front-runner Donald Trump is “stoking” “racial grievances.”

“The chances are that Donald Trump is going to be the nominee of his party and the Republican Party has to face that fact. And to see that this man who is stoking the kind of racial grievances that he is, the economic grievances, encouraging violence at his rallies stands ready to carry that banner of the GOP, the Grand Old Party, the party of Lincoln which is what Republicans always want to remind you of. The man who freed the slaves is now anointing a man who has really done more to harm the party’s relationship with people of color than we’ve ever seen. So it’s undoubtedly a crisis.”

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