Fmr OH Dem State Rep Nina Turner: USA ‘Founded on Racism and on Sexism’

Former Ohio State Sen. Nina Turner (D) and now Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) endorser Nina Turner gave her reaction to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rallies Saturday on MSNBC.

According to Turner, Trump “continues to amp up folks in a way that is unbecoming of this country.” She then added this is not all on Trump because racism is in the DNA of this country, and that the country was founded on racism and sexism.

“[Bernie Sanders] has spoken out against the environment that Mr. Trump has been creating for quite some time,” Turner stated. “And as we see, Mr. Trump continues to amp up folks in a way that is unbecoming of this country. And I know that we’re quick to point the finger at him, but let us not forget that in the DNA of this country, Chris, is racism.”

She continued, “This country was founded on racism and sexism, point blank. And we need to admit that. It would be one thing if Mr. Trump was standing alone, but he is not standing alone. So we need a leader that is going to speak to our higher selves, and that leader is Senator Bernie Sanders.”

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