Cruz: ‘Trump Gave $50,000 to Fund the Bullying’ Rahm Emanuel, $7,500 to Rod Blagojevich

Monday at a press conference in Rockford Illinois, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the conservative voters of Illinois should remember his opponent Donald Trump gave embattled democratic Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel $50,000.

Cruz said, “This race provides a clear choice. The people of Illinois want to support a liberal New York Democrat who has funded the liberal Democrats who have imposed failed policies on Illinois year after year after year. Donald Trump is on the ballot. If you’re a Republican here in Illinois and you want to support someone who gave $7,500 to Rod Blagojevich. I was never tempted to write him a check. Never once was I tempted to do what Donald Trump did which was give money to the cook county Democratic Party. And by the way, that’s not a cost of doing business. That is supporting the corruption, supporting the failures of the left, and how about $50,000 to the godfather? $50,000. Rob Emmanuel threatened financial institutions to try to force them to cut off the line of credit to gun manufacturers. It was an act of naked bullying, trying to use political power to try to force these companies to join in President Obama’s efforts to take away our right to keep and bear arms. At the time I wrote to the CEOs of the banks, observing that in Texas we had a different view of political power, a more humble view that we didn’t think elected officials should be in the business of extorting private citizens and threatening government power and retaliation against anyone who disagrees on policy. The bullying of rob Emmanuel is consistent with the bullying of Obama and Hillary Clinton, and maybe that’s why Donald Trump gave $50,000 to fund his bullying left wing tactics. You know, any political candidate who demands the people who attend his rallies that they raise their hands and pledge support to that candidate as Donald Trump does, in my view, is getting it backwards. The people of Illinois are familiar with that. There have been Chicago mayors who demand things, perhaps on the knees. That’s a phrase Donald Trump likes. He likes suggesting that people come to him and he makes them get down on their knees. If you like the abuse of power from Chicago Democrats then Donald Trump is a great candidate for you.”

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