Carson: If Nomination Taken From Trump, GOP Faces ‘Absolute Destruction’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson said if Republicans attempt to take the nomination from Donald Trump, the consequence will be “absolute destruction.”

Discussing the possibility of a brokered GOP convention Carson said: “I can tell you this, if there are shenanigans, if it’s not straightforward, all of those millions of people that Donald Trump has brought into the arena are not going to stay there, and the Republicans are going to lose. And it’s going to be not only the presidency, but it’s going to be the Senate, and it could even be the House,. It’s going to be absolute destruction. So the real question is, are the establishment Republicans — and they say they don’t exist, they say there’s no such thing, yeah right — are they more concerned about maintaining control and their positions? Or are they more concerned about America? And if they’re more concerned about America, they will not blow up a straight-forward process, they will let the will of the people prevail.”

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