Beck: ‘If Trump Wins the 1,237 or Wins the First, Second, Third Ballot — It Must Go to Him’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck, a vocal critic of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, said if Trump wins the nomination “with fair play, that’s fine,” but he still insists he would not vote for Trump.

Beck said, “I am a never-Trump guy … I think a Trump nomination would be disastrous. With that being said, you can’t disenfranchise people. If Trump wins the 1,237 or wins the first, second, third ballot, it must go to him. And it can’t go to dirty politics. You can’t continue to disenfranchise people. I will never vote for Donald Trump, but if he’s the guy that is picked with fair play, that’s fine. But you have Reince Priebus saying it will be somebody who is running right now. OK. Let’s take the GOP chair at his word. It’s got to be somebody who’s running.”

He added, “I haven’t decided on what I would do. I know I will not vote for Trump. and I would probably go and just look for the strongest people in the House and the Senate that would keep Hillary Clinton at bay. Because Trump is not going to win the general. If you look at the polls, you know this, no matter what they say, you look at the polls Hillary Clinton wins every time with Donald Trump.”

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