Hillary: Cruz, Trump Are Not Just Offensive, They Are Dangerous

Friday while campaigning in Scranton, PA, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said Republican presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned about her Republican opponents Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Clinton said, “I also want to make a pledge to you that I will do everything in my power to keep America safe. To defeat terrorists and anybody else who threatens our country or Americans anywhere. And here’s another area where Trump and Cruz are not just saying things that are offensive, which they are. They’re saying things which are dangerous. And I want you to understand this. I went to 112 countries on your behalf as secretary of state. And I know we’re not going to be able to defeat ISIS unless we have a coalition that includes Muslim majority nations. That’s how we’re going to do it. And when you have someone running for president who basically says we don’t want any Muslims in our country, that sends a message. And it sends a message which make this job of building that coalition a lot harder.”

She continued, “And when you have Ted Cruz saying, ‘Hey, we need special police patrols in neighborhoods where Muslims live’ — how that would if work, nobody can explain — but never the less that’s what he said. And the NYPD, which I worked with closely after 9/11 because I was a senator from New York on 9/11 — They were just shaking their heads hearing what Cruz was saying, and the chief of the department said that’s an idea that doesn’t go anywhere. What will we do with the 1,000 Muslim American police officers we have on the NYPD? And the commissioner, Bill Bratton, who has has much experience in this area as anybody says Ted Cruz doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about.”

She added, “So, look, I know some of these lines get big applause responses in these rallies that Trump has, but stop and think. Is that smart? Does that work? Does it help us? Does it protect us? And the answer to all of that is no. And then he went even further and basically said he didn’t care if more countries got nuclear weapons. I mean we have been working, Republicans and Democrats alike, it’s something that Bob Casey works on, to prevent more countries from getting nuclear weapons, then having a free-for-all that brought more nuclear weapons into the world. So I’m telling you, I’m looking forward to debating them on the economy and I’m looking forward to debating them on national security because we’re electing a commander-in-chief, as well as a president.”

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