Listen: Rush Limbaugh on Donald Trump’s Retort to Vicente Fox’s Apology

Thursday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh reacted to a Breitbart News interview with former Mexican President Vicente Fox in which Fox apologized for the language he used regarding GOP front-runner Donald Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

In February, Fox vowed Mexico would not pay for the “f—ing wall.” Limbaugh pointed that out and Trump’s response to Fox on Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Transcript as follows:

LIMBAUGH: Let’s go back in time to the audio sound bites … We’re gonna start with Vicente Fox, February 25, 2016, on Fusion TV.  This is the highly acclaimed program America with Jorge Ramos.  And Jorge Ramos says, “Please respond to Donald Trump saying he plans to build a wall on the United States-Mexican border.”


FOX:  I’m not gonna pay for that f(bleep)ing wall.  He should pay for it!  He’s got the money.

RAMOS:  Are you afraid that he’s gonna be the next president of the United States?

FOX: Not at all.

RAMOS: What will that mean?

FOX: Not at all.

RAMOS: What will that mean for Mexico?

FOX:  No, no.  No, no.  No, no.  Democracy cannot take us to crazy people that doesn’t know what’s going on in the world today.  It worries me this last caucus in Nevada? I mean —

RAMOS: He won 44% of the Hispanic vote.

FOX: Forty-four percent from all Hispanics! I’d like to know who those Hispanics are, because they’re followers of a false prophet.


LIMBAUGH:  See, former Mexican president Vicente Fox says, “I am not paying for that [pause] F-ing wall.”  Well, there might be children listening.  I pause.  (I mean, John Kerry can get away with that.)  See, he’s not paying for the wall. (paraphrased exchange) “Trump should pay for the wall. Trump’s got the money.” And then Jorge Ramos asks, “Are you afraid that he’s gonna be elected?”  “No! No chance. None at all.”  Okay, that was February 25.

Yesterday at Breitbart News, former Mexican president Vicente Fox was the guest, and they were discussing Trump being offended by Fox’s cursing.  Trump said, “That’s bad.  You don’t say that.” When he heard that Vicente Fox had dropped the F-bomb, Trump said, “You don’t talk that way.  That’s a shame.  For a former world leader to talk that, that offends me.”  So Trump was asked what thinks about it, and then Vicente Fox was asked by Breitbart what he thinks of what Trump said.

FOX:  Yes.  I’m humble enough — as leaders should be, compassionate leaders. If I offended with you, I’m sorry.

LIMBAUGH:  So Vicente Fox apologizes to the Trumpster.  Don’t misunderstand what the apology is for.  The apology is for using the F-bomb.  The apology is not anything to do with the wall or immigration, although some might extrapolate and think that it is.  So then here’s magnanimity.  Here is graciousness.  Here is… This is the kind of behavior that many in the GOP think defines proper political behavior in the world today: Grace, humility, kindness, and so forth. Vicente Fox, “Yes.  I’m humble enough — as leaders should be, compassionate leaders. If I offended with you, I’m sorry.”  So last night Bill O’Reilly was talking to Trump.  “You got any message for Vicente Fox, who’s gonna be on the show later?”

TRUMP:  Yeah: Get your money ready ’cause you’re gonna pay for the wall.”

LIMBAUGH:  We will take a break and we’ll be right back.

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