Trump Spokeswoman: Ryan Isn’t Fit to Be Speaker If He Won’t Support Trump

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” in responding to Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) saying he is not ready to support the likely presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, his campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson said if Ryan can’t support Trump he is not fit to be speaker.

When asked about the upcoming meeting between Trump and Ryan Pierson said  “Well, I think he’s going to talk to Paul Ryan and just say, ‘Look, you are not just against me. You are against a lot of your voters, and this is something that has been indicative for the last couple of cycles. You have had the leadership rejecting its own voters, silencing them, ignoring them, campaigning on one issue and not following through, and that’s why we have a nomination of Donald Trump.'”

When asked if Ryan does not come around to supporting Trump is he fit to be speaker Pierson said “N0, because this is about the party. Look, you have to understand. The last two presidential cycles, we were told John McCain was a conservative. His conservative review score cord is 37 percent. We were told Mitt Romney was a conservative. He was pro abortion, pro gay mayor marriage, pro-adoption,  gave us ObamaCare. We were told to hold our noses and vote for the sake of the party. These same people are now telling us that because their guy didn’t win, they want to hurt the party. The issue here isn’t about Donald Trump. If you can’t hold yourself to the standard that you hold everyone else, the problem is with you.”

She added, “We are a party. Paul Ryan needs to be a — he’s the leader right now. We’re told Donald Trump is only the presumptive nominee. He’s not the nominee until 1,237. So really it’s incumbent on Paul Ryan to help bring unity to the party.”

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