Watch: Marlins’ JT Realmuto Robs Himself of Home Run With Base Running Blunder

On Monday, Miami Marlins catcher JT Realmuto hit a two-run home run, but was only credited with an RBI single.

In the bottom of the second inning, and with Marlins outfielder Marcell Ozuna on first, Realmuto hit a deep fly ball. The ball carried over the fence, but Ozuna tagged in case the ball would be caught.

Realmuto was busy watching the ball fly out and he ran past the tagging Ozuna.

Some Milwaukee Brewers players picked up on the blunder and alerted the umpires.

After review, Realmuto was ruled out and his two-run home run was changed to a single with an RBI.

The mishap did not cost the Marlins the game. They defeated the Brewers 4-1.

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