CNN’s Simon: Rocks and Bottles Thrown at Police By Protesters Outside New Mexico Trump Rally

CNN Correspondent Dan Simon reported that protesters outside presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico on Tuesday night were throwing rocks and bottles at police during a situation that he described as “very chaotic.”

Simon said, “Things have gotten very chaotic outside. You can see this group of protesters right here, basically in a confrontation with police. You’ve had several protesters throw both rocks and bottles at police. At this time, police have basically shown a lot of restraint, given the situation that is happening. You have some of the protesters who are wearing vests, who are trying to calm the crowd down, but things have definitely escalated. The Trump rally, of course, has ended. Most of the people inside have left, but you still have hundreds of people outside, who look like they’re causing, or trying to cause some problems out here, but you can see that police now are trying to get people to move away from the building.”

He added, “You can see that there’s some kind of explosive device right in front of us.” Although he wasn’t able to say where the device came from.

Simon further reported that “lots of protesters are throwing rocks at police. This has now descended into chaos as we’re moving back.”

He later added that the protesters were talking about Trump’s proposals on immigration, and his comments about women.

(h/t Real Clear Politics)

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