Schweizer: McAuliffe Investigation ‘Probably Part of a Broader Probe That’s Looking Into the Clinton Foundation’

Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer, executive producer of the documentary based on his bestselling book “Clinton Cash,” stated that the FBI’s investigation into Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) is one of “an insider’s insider in the Clinton network” that “is probably part of a broader probe that’s looking into the Clinton Foundation” on Tuesday’s “America’s Newsroom” on the Fox News Channel.

Schweizer said, “When you talk about an insider’s insider in the Clinton network you’re talking about Terry McAuliffe. What’s interesting about this investigation is, the reporting is, it’s focused on these campaign contributions from a Chinese national who apparently has permanent residence status in the United States, Mr. Wang. What’s curious though about it is, this investigation began last year, in may, at pretty much the same time that as Fox News has reported, the FBI also began investigating the Clinton Foundation. If they are indeed just investigating whether Mr. Wang was entitled to make these contributions, a year is a long time to investigate a very simple question like that. So, my instincts tell me this is probably part of a broader probe that’s looking into the Clinton Foundation, and whether there were favors or actions — favorable actions taken for the benefit of people who donated to the Clinton Foundation, or political campaigns that were part of the Clinton orbit.”

He added, “So, in this case, you have Mr. Wang, who has given the donations to Terry McAuliffe’s campaign, also given 2 million to the Clinton Foundation. That’s part of a larger constellation that includes connected firms and political figures in Russia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, places all around the world. So, it fits this pattern that the FBI’s investigating, and I think Mr. Wang is an important piece of it.”

Schweizer concluded, “I think they’re [the FBI] looking at something larger, that this is part of a larger question of foreign money being used to influence American politicians and particularly the Clintons.”

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