CNN’s Lemon: Hillary May Have Just Won Over Voters Of Color With Call For White People To Listen

Friday, on CNN, host Don Lemon praised presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s comments on the recent police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and the shooting of police officers in Dallas.

Lemon believes Hillary saying, “I’m going to be talking to white people. I think we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries that are coming from our African-American fellow citizens,” may have won over voters of color.

Lemon said, “I thought that she walked a tight rope there, because she had to show sympathy for the officers, and also talk about the issues that have happened just over the past couple of days when it comes to black men being killed, and us seeing it happen live on tape. But I thought the real interesting part, for me, Wolf, is when she said, I’m going to be calling on white people to examine themselves. I’m going to be calling on, she said, white people, to listen to the legitimate cries of our African-American brothers and sisters. So, speaking as a journalist, because I don’t support, or I’m not against any presidential candidate, that’s not my role, but I will put myself in the role of the black voter in this country, of minority voters in this country. That is an appealing message to minority voters in this country, because there is nothing wrong with examining oneself.”

He continued, “If you don’t do that, at some level, if you don’t want to call it racist, if you don’t want to call it bigoted, it is certainly selfish for people not to do that, and considering the history of this country. I think all of us — there is room for every single person in this country, regardless of ethnicity, to examine oneself, to see if there are any racist, bigoted, or biased tendencies within us. And it’s especially incumbent, quite frankly, on white people to do that, considering the history of this country, and slavery, and Jim Crow, and beyond. And, if you are, at this moment in time, saying, well, black people just need to clean up their acts, and maybe they won’t be shot by police and all those things, you are on the wrong message. You should be wondering, and you should be empathetic with your black brothers and sisters, and ask, why are they feeling this way? Why is this happening with police officers? Even if you don’t believe it’s real, how do you correct it? I think her message was very appealing to voters of color. And I think, if she had an issue with voters of color, she may have just won them over with that moment.”

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