San Antonio Teen Unable to Find Work Creates Own Job

A teen in San Antonio, TX struggled to find work, so he created his own way to make money.

Fox 59 reports that Todd Arredondo was driving in downtown San Antonio when he noticed teen selling candy apples and bottled water. Arredondo gave the young man $20 to reward him for working on the street on a hot day. Arredondo saw him again while returning home from dinner, and decided to speak to him.

The teen introduced himself as Xavier, and he told Arredondo that he was just trying to make a living.

Xavier sells the candy apples out of a box that says, “If you can’t find a job, make one.”

Inspired by Xavier’s message, Arredondo handed out $100 to help out. Xavier called Arredondo an angel.

Arredondo set up a GoFundMe page for Xavier in order to get him some more money for his willingness to work hard for his money.

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