Fmr Navy SEAL: While We’re Teaching Our Kids About Microaggressions, ISIS Is Training Their Kids to Kill Our Kids

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” former U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six Leader Rob O’Neill reacted to the weekend’s suicide bombing by a young child in Turkey that killed at least 50 people and how the act is indicative of the society ISIS has created.

According to O’Neill, while they are teaching their children Islamic extremism, what we’re teaching our children would appear to be the opposite.

“While we’re teaching our children about safe zones, trigger wars and microaggressions, they’re training their kids to kill our kids. That’s the way it works and they’re teaching them at a very young age. We have an issue with ISIS being where they are, having an Islamic State, having a community – there’s no borders over there anymore. This means they have hotels, they have money, they have banks, they have schools. So they are teaching kids at a very young age only this. They’re not over there teaching them real history or science or stuff like that. They’re teaching them the Koran, they’re teaching them Sharia Law and its version of extremist Islam.”

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