Bernstein: Hillary Is a ‘Terrible Candidate,’ Would Lose in Other Circumstances

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” veteran  journalist Carl Bernstein said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a “terrible candidate,” who would lose under other circumstances.

Bernstein said, “Let me start by saying Hillary Clinton has been a terrible candidate, and under other circumstances she would probably lose and you could have a real contest of ideas.”

He continued, “This is something different. This is danger, demagoguery from someone who is antithetical to what we believe as a democracy. It is a time of requiring courage, courage from Republicans, from the right wing. We’ve seen it with people like Charles Krauthammer. He has got a fabulous piece in “The Washington Post” and I watch Charles on Fox saying what he says about this candidate and the need to reject him in our culture.”

He added that Hillary Clinton, “allowed Bernie Sanders and Trump to correctly identify the anger at the elites in this country as well as she was so late to understand the pain of working-class people in this country. It’s as if she were tone deaf.”

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