NBC’s ‘Nightly News’ Touts Breitbart’s Global Expansion

Saturday on NBC’s “Nightly News,” London-based network correspondent Matt Bradley featured Breitbart News and it’s growth abroad.

The segment featured appearances by Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow discussing the expansion with France’s Marion Maréchal-Le Pen and Britain’s Tommy Robinson calling for more of a Breitbart presence in their countries.

Transcript as follows:

JOSE DIAZ-BALART: In Europe, the man some have called Austria’s Donald Trump is one of two candidates voters will choose from tomorrow in that country’s presidential election. The contest is being watched closely as right-wing populism grows in Europe. At the same time, the media company that embraced Trump here is expanding its reach there as Breitbart senses a bigger opportunity. NBC’s Matt Bradley has more on this from London.

(Begin video)

MATT BRADLEY: Breitbart’s Stephen Bannon has shown how big right-wing media can dream. Now the company he led before joining the Trump campaign is taking its show on the road, with plans to expand to Germany and France, as populist candidates and causes are showing increased strength in ballot boxes across Europe.

ALEXANDER MARLOW (Breitbart Editor-In-Chief): We’re going to continue to be fighters and– and to pick fights that matter. So I think that our brand is unique in America. And I think that when we expand abroad, that we’ll prove that it’s unique there as well.

BRADLEY: Last month, Bannon praised France’s Marion Mar‚chal-Le Pen, the twenty-six-year-old scion of the family who founded the far-right National Front Party. Le Pen tweeted that she wanted to work with Breitbart.

(Marion Mar‚chal-Le Pen speaking foreign language)

BRADLEY: Le Pen told NBC that the rise of the internet has given a voice to right-wing activists like herself. That worries many traditional journalists.

CHRISTOPHER DICKEY (The Daily Beast Foreign Editor): All of them have this anti-immigrant and often very thinly-veiled racist overtone to them. And I think that’s the unifying factor.

BRADLEY: Breitbart has written extensively about Tommy Robinson, who founded the far-right English Defense League.

TOMMY ROBINSON: I’ve been called a Nazi. Media have called me a Nazi. I despise Nazis. I hate racism.

BRADLEY: He was so suspicious of us, he recorded his own live broadcast of our conversation for his social media followers.

You’re recording this conversation, right now putting it on Periscope–


BRADLEY: –why is that? Why is that exactly?

ROBINSON: Because I’ve been in many interviews, if you– you can watch one from Al Jazeera which again, and I Periscope you, I don’t know what report you’re going to go. I don’t trust your media. That’s the truth. I don’t trust any mainstream media.

BRADLEY: He is not alone. The London editor for Infowars, a more conspiratorial right-wing website, didn’t respond to NBC’s interview request. Instead, its editor tweeted our e-mail, saying he wouldn’t speak to, quote, “fake news.” It’s a hostility to traditional media that Breitbart sees as an opportunity.

Does the UK need a Breitbart?

ROBINSON: Yeah, the UK needs Breitbart.



BRADLEY: Too do what exactly?

ROBINSON: Tell the truth.


ROBINSON: Tell the truth. That’s all– that’s all– that’s what– I would say that’s what everybody want, all people want is the truth. That’s it.

BRADLEY: Matt Bradley, NBC News, London.

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