ESPN’s Kellerman on Jim Brown’s Trump Visit: ‘This Is a Bad Look’

Wednesday, ESPN2 “First Take” co-host Max Kellerman reacted to President-elect Donald Trump meeting with NFL legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, as well as music artist Kanye West at Trump Tower.

Kellerman said it is “a bad look” and assumed Brown knew Trump was using him for “distraction politics” to get the media to quit talking about Russia’s alleged meddling in the 2016 election.

A partial transcript as follows:

You know, when the president-elect says he doesn’t need daily briefings because he’s like a smart person, well, he’s right. He is playing distraction politics here, and Jim Brown is playing right into it. I mean, a Putin business associate he nominates for secretary of state, and what are we talking about? We just talked about Kanye West and now Jim Brown.

Look, Jim Brown is pursuing an agenda that is important to him and is important period, by the way. Of course, economic development in the inner city is a worthwhile cause. But in order to pursue that end, he is willing to be used as a pawn in the president-elect’s distraction politics. OK, fine. that’s a decision Jim Brown makes, but he should be aware, and being a smart guy, I’m sure that Jim Brown — I assume he is aware that that’s what’s happening, because that is what’s happening. And I guess that’s fine. Although if the president-elect continues to flaut American political norms, once he becomes president undermines democratic institutions, then I hope Jim Brown is there to say that he’s not so crazy about what the president is doing because right now this is a bad look.

Co-host Stephen A. Smith “completely” disagreed with Kellerman, saying Brown’s agenda has always been to help the black community.

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