Stephen A. Smith: Kaepernick Not Voting ‘Disintegrated’ His National Anthem Protest

Tuesday on the “Mark Levin Show,” ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith continued his attack on San Francisco 49ers quarterback and activist Colin Kaepernick for kneeling during the election after protesting social injustices by taking a knee during the pre-game national anthem.

According to Smith, Kaepernick “disintegrated” his whole argument on social change by not evoking change with voting.

“When [Kaepernick] turned around and said he did not vote, and announced to the world that he did not vote, to me, you became a flaming a hypocrite and you essentially just disintegrated every argument you tried to make against our system and our country,” Smith told host Mark Levin. “Because, what you did was you took the one component in our nation that’s the biggest proponent for change, which is what you said you were the strongest advocate of, and you ignored your responsibility in doing so, by [not] voting. Once he did that, I was done with him. And I’ve been done with him ever since.”

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