National Anthem


Eric Dickerson: ‘I Would Still Stand’ for National Anthem

NFL Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson said in an interview with TMZ Sports despite the new league policy requiring players to stand for the National Anthem or remain in the locker room as a form of protest, he would still


ESPN’s Bryant: NFL Sees Black Consumers as ‘Unimportant’

Saturday on MSNBC, ESPN senior writer Howard Bryant weighed in on the NFL’s new rule that requires players to either stand on the field or remain in the locker room for the National Anthem, saying he thinks the league sees black consumers as

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith shot down Golden State Warriors coach Steve …

Stephen A Smith: New NFL Anthem Policy ‘Cowardly’

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith shot down Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr calling the NFL’s new National Anthem policy “idiotic,” instead opting to label it “cowardly.” “I don’t think the word is idiotic,” Smith stated. “The more appropriate word to me


Hayward: NFL Anthem Rules Expose the Left’s Warped View of Patriotism

When President Donald Trump praised the NFL on Thursday for requiring players to stand during the National Anthem and suggested players should quit the game – or perhaps even the country – if they cannot abide by the rule, he put his finger on the vital pressure point in America’s great social divide: the definition of patriotism.