Chris Christie: Sessions a ‘Really Good Person’ Who Will Be Confirmed — ‘Rest of This Stuff Is Just Theater’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), one of the earlier supporters of President-elect Donald Trump, defended Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Trump’s pick to be attorney general.

Christie predicted nothing that happened in yesterday’s hearing was going to sway the votes of any of the members of the committee by calling it “just theater” and said he anticipated Sessions would be confirmed.

“Jeff Sessions is – and I got to work with him extensively on the transition prior to the election – this is a really, really good person who has a great career in public service and who I have complete confidence in as the backbone to do what’s necessary as attorney general. All of the rest of this stuff is just theater. Listen all of those things aren’t going to sway the vote of one person serving up in that committee. If they’re opposed to Senator Sessions, they’re going to vote against him. If they’re for him, they’re going to vote for him. And he’s going to be confirmed because he is a good man. He’s going to do a good job as attorney general.”

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