Reince Priebus: Press In ‘Alternate Universe,’ WH Team Gets Along ‘Great’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” White House chief of staff Reince Priebus said President Donald Trump believes in the free press but the “amount of drama and spin you read about” was not true.

Priebus said. “The president believes in the First Amendment. He believes in the free press. I believe in those things. We don’t believe everyone is lousy in the media. We don’t believe everything is bad. But there are some things that are really bad. And we tried to — he categorizes that’s as fake news. What we’ve been through the last ten days is bad.”

He added, “The truth is we don’t have problems in the West Wing. I mean you read about all the stories, I don’t get along with Bannon, and this one said — actually, we really gelled as a team. We get along great. And the amount of drama and spin you read about in theWashingtonn daily gossip rags is unbelievable stuff. It just isn’t true. You read it every day, and you wonder what alternative universe they’re reporting on. It just isn’t true.”

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