Rob Reiner: Trump Is ‘Mentally Unstable’

Sunday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” actor and director Rob Reiner accused President Donald Trump of being “mentally unstable.”

Reiner said, “It’s scary, it’s scary, because if you look at the capacity that cyber warfare has, and if you know about Stuxnet, which some people do and don’t know about that, they were able to weaponize, you know, a cyber warfare and actually go in and blow up centrifuges in Iran.  That’s what scares me. We don’t have, anybody at the helm of our country right now. He is — you know, I hate to say it, we don’t want to use the word mentally ill, but he is mentally unstable, this man, and so who is going to take charge here when the next attack.”

“If the first attack, which was going into our elections, which we know happened, if it had been that a bomb blew up in New York, everybody would be going crazy, he continued. “That’s what happened. He blew up something. And now he could blow more stuff up. So we have to be — you know, we’ve got to make sure that our country is stable. And right now it’s not stable.”

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