Clay Travis Rips ‘MSESPN’ for Kaepernick Obsession: If Jay Cutler Were Black, Would They Say He Is Being ‘Blackballed?’

On his Fox Sports Radio show “Outkick the Coverage,” Clay Travis reacted to Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman saying on ESPN last week that free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been blackballed by NFL owners over his national anthem protest in 2016.

Travis said if Kaepernick is being blackballed, then so is Jay Cutler, who also remains unsigned, because black quarterbacks Geno Smith and EJ Manuel have both been signed for backup roles.

“How come nobody’s pointing out that Jay Cutler’s not signed?” Travis asked. “Couldn’t I as a white guy just decide, you know what, it’s racist that Jay Cutler’s not signed, especially because Geno Smith and EJ Manuel got signed. If NFL owners were really racist, wouldn’t they definitely not sign EJ Manuel and Geno Smith — two guys who so far have really sucked at football.”

“Why does nobody at MSESPN talk about Jay Cutler?” he continued. “Everybody’s obsessed with what’s happening with Colin Kaepernick … this idiot, dumb protester, whose talents now are exceeded by his problems. If Jay Cutler were black, would everybody be sitting around saying Jay Cutler’s being blackballed?”

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