Maher: Could Trump Do What Erdogan Did In Turkey? There Are ‘A Lot of Parallels’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher argued President Trump and Turkey’s President Erdogan have “a lot of parallels.” And wondered if Trump could “do this here, what Erdogan did there?”

Maher began by saying, “I can’t trust elections in this country, let alone Turkey,” and that there are “a lot of parallels” between Trump and Erdogan. He further wondered if something similar to Erdogan declaring that people voted to give him dictatorial power could happen in the US with Trump, adding, “Once you’re elected, you can do a lot of things you couldn’t when you weren’t in office. And I worry, it’s only 100 days, I worry two, three years down the road, could Trump…do this here, what Erdogan did there?”

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