Netanyahu: ‘Repeal or Replace’ Iran Deal

On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated it was his country’s view that the deal the United States had made with the Iranian government to prevent it from becoming a nuclear power should be repealed or replaced.

“Look, here’s my position, but it’s my position vis-a-vis the deal with Iran. If I had to compress it into two words, ‘repeal or replace,'” Netanyahu said to show host Sean Hannity.

He argued the deal gave the best of all worlds to Iran while giving the worst of all worlds to everyone else.

“That would be my position,” he continued. “I think Washington has to decide its own position. But clearly, one thing that has to be changed is to not let Iran have the best of all worlds, which is the worst of all world for Israel, the Arab countries, the United States and the world.”

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