Waters: GOP Needs to ‘Confront the Fact’ That Trump ‘Appears to Be Unstable,’ We Should ‘Be Moving on Impeachment’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) argued Republicans should “confront” that President Trump appears unstable and Congress should be moving to impeach the president.

Waters said, “It’s just unseemly that the president of the United States would be making policy on his own. He’s been advised by everybody, Republicans and Democrats, that he should not be undoing the Iran deal. We have other nations, six other nations, that are involved with us in this deal. And so, for him to have America look as if it wants to undo the deal, wants to decertify them, he basically is saying he knows better than anybody. But of course, during the campaign, he said he knows more than the generals. He really believes that. And it’s dangerous. And for members of Congress to sit back and watch what he’s doing and watch the damage that he’s doing in this country and to watch him just guide us into a possible war and not speak up because they’re concerned about their re-election, is not responsible. I believe it is time for Republicans, especially, to walk over to the White House and tell him, ‘Enough is enough.'”

She added, “Republicans should step up to the plate and confront the fact that this president appears to be unstable, that he appears to be taking us into war, that he has openly obstructed justice in front of our face, and that increasingly, we’re finding that there are more and more lies about the connection with Russia. I believe that there really has been collusion, and I do think that our Special Counsel, Mueller, is going to connect those dots. But I think there’s enough now that we all know and we all see and we all understand that we should be moving on impeachment.”

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