Trump Slams FBI for Double Standard Regarding DNC, Manafort — ‘I Won’t Be Involved, I May Change My Mind’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” President Donald Trump said he was “very disappointed” in the Department of Justice and explained the double standard that was applied to two of his associates, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen, and that of the Democratic National Committee.

However, he said he would not get involved with the Justice Department, but that his decision on that could change.

“We have accomplished more than any president in the first year by far if you look at regulations big tax cuts, Judge Gorsuch. So many things and many other judges. But the big thing, the tax cuts, the regulations, nobody’s done what we’ve done what I’ve done, despite what’s going on. So, I’m very disappointed in my Justice Department. But because of the fact it is going on, and I think you will understand this, I have decided I won’t be involved. I may change my mind at some point because what is going on is a disgrace. It is an absolute disgrace.”

“And by the way, the only collusion is with Democrats and Russians,” he continued. “You take a look what is going on there. They wouldn’t give the server, DNC, Democratic National Committee, wouldn’t give its server to the FBI. What kind of an FBI — they break down doors for Paul Manafort early in the morning. His wife is in bed at 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and they undo the lock for Michael Cohen early in the morning. And yet, they walk into the DNC, and they won’t give them the server. We’re not giving you the server he. And they say, ‘Oh, OK. We’ll leave. That is not the FBI. That’s a fix.”

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