Democrat Party on RoboGate: 'We Have No Idea'

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has officially denied involvement into the illegal ‘Rush’ robocalls that flooded highly contested districts targeted by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In a series of exchanged e-mails with a Washington, D.C. based spokesperson at the committee, Jesse Ferguson told Breitbart of the calls, “We have no idea about these.”

The DCCC’s official denial of involvement in the emerging illegal phone scandal adds mystery since the voter data vault firm--Catalist--denied involvement as well. In an exclusive interview with the firm’s spokeswoman Debra Deshong Reed, Breitbart learned that Catalist stopped servicing the DCCC and other Democratic Party related organizations as of last year.

“We don’t discuss those kinds of details when it comes to our clients, but I can say that they are not a client at this time, nor have they been this year,” Reed told

Sources told that the calls must be linked to the Democratic Party or their voter data warehouse (Catalist), but Reed insisted that the calls could have been made by several outlets.

“Catalist did not make these calls and they are not currently utilizing our data. There are several vendors from around the country who do what we do. The DNC [Democratic National Committee] has lists... Catalist has the most robust list because we have many progressive clients who utilize our list and there’s a couple of different proprietary reasons people use us. The RNC has their own vendors, too.”

The scandal was first exposed on March 9 by the Daily Mail (UK), but a investigation determined that those calls were made to specific Congressional districts listed on the DCCC’s online ‘Red to Blue’ list, a handful of choice races where the party is channel its resources.


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