After Grassroots Outcry, RNC Steps Up For Kleefisch in Wisconsin

The outcry from grassroots over Big Labor attacking Wisconsin's Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch reached the ears of the RNC this week. Out-of-state labor interests are pouring upwards of $80 million into the state and looking to defeat Kleefisch--a mom and cancer survivor. 

They're angry that Kleefisch helped Governor Scott Walker enact reforms that saved the state over $800 million dollars without losing public sector jobs or raising taxes.

Writes RNC Chairman Reince Priebus in an email:

One of the most important elections of 2012 is only days away - but that's just half the story.  The Democrats and their public employee union bosses have succeeded in getting a June 5th recall election scheduled against Governor Scott Walker - and his Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.  Normally, Walker and Kleefisch would run as a ticket, but the Democrats have arranged these recalls so that they are forced to run on separate ballots.  Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch has been Governor Walker's biggest defender - and now we need to help defend her.

Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch has stood with Governor Walker through all of the difficult decisions, the furious protests and the personal attacks on them and their families.  Now, we need to stand with her.

She made her first run for office in 2010 as a young mom on a mission to get Wisconsin back on track.  In her race for Lt. Governor, Rebecca called for public employees to contribute more toward their generous health and retirement benefits.  After her primary win, she barnstormed the state helping to sell Governor Walker's bold vision for putting Wisconsin's budget and economy on the road to recovery.  As a former television anchor, she is a very effective advocate for Governor Walker's agenda - and that is why the Democrats want to take her out.  And why we need to keep her by Governor Walker's side.

Indeed, I am so committed to making sure Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch is re-elected that I have personally contributed $1000 to her campaign - and that is a lot of money to me and my family.  We need to re-elect the Walker-Kleefisch team and that means we need to help them both. To find out how you can learn more about Rebecca Kleefisch's campaign, click below.  Thanks.


Reince Preibus

Republican National Committee Chairman 

Kudos to the RNC for listening to grassroots and recognizing the importance of this monumental race. 


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