Valerie Jarrett: President Obama Viewing Ferguson Unrest from 'Perspective of a Parent'

While vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard, President Obama, Eric Holder, and Valerie Jarrett have been monitoring the continuing uproar in Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of local police.

But as Obama returned to the White House on Sunday, Jarrett assured members of the media that he will stay personally engaged with the situation. 

“He looks at this - I spoke with him this morning - his concern was clearly thinking about it as a perspective of a parent, and you want to know when you send your kids to school, when you leave your home they’re going to be safe,” Jarrett said in an interview with American Urban Radio’s April Ryan.

Obama's priority is to keep the citizens of Ferguson safe, Jarrett explained, calling it "paramount" on the president's mind

According to the New York Times, Jarrett has “talked daily” with Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon as well as local officials and leaders from national civil rights organizations.

“Our immediate goal is to make sure that the residences of Ferguson are safe, that the looting stops, that the vandalism stops, that the people who live in the community have confidence that justice will be done,” Jarrett explained.

Obama is expected to hold a briefing at the White House with Attorney General Eric Holder after returning to Washington, D.C. for two days before heading back to his vacation. 


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