Celebrities on Final Debate: Silverman Swears, Cher Plays Faux War on Women Card

A gaggle of celebrities, from Zach Braff to Sarah Silverman, weighed in on the third and final presidential debate last night. For this Hollywood crowd, the ideological song remains the same.

Braff, the star of the long-running medical comedy "Scrubs," mocked the credentials of the Romney/Ryan ticket obviously ignoring President Barack Obama's wafer-thin resume four years ago.

Zach Braff

Silverman's shtick was getting old some time ago. Now, she's running out the clock with her vulgar anti-Romney tweets.

Sarah Silverman tweet

Actress Mia Farrow opted to deny the Romneys their humanity in her debate response.

Mia Farrow Tweet

Film critic Roger Ebert trotted out the tired, inaccurate War on Women meme the Left - it's a wonder Ebert didn't use the word "Binders" in his 140 characters.

Roger Ebert Tweet

Finally, Cher broke out her Caps Lock feature to make sure we couldn't miss her political wisdom - or her spelling errors.

Cher Tweet


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