Palace Guard Distraction: Colbert Scrambles to Save Obama from Benghazi-Gate

You'd think a political satirist who knew the government had lied about the cause of an attack which left Americans dead would use humor to savage the powers that be.

Not Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.

"The Colbert Report" host took a long, hard look at Benghazi-gate and decided to target ... Fox News.


The clip's deceitful structure isn't just rigorously unfunny. It's shameful. It lets President Obama off the hook for the constantly evolving story line regarding the forces which swarmed the Libyan embassy and killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, concocts a village of straw man arguments and mocks one of the few media outlets willing to ask tough, pointed questions of the administration.

Shame, too, on the audience for gobbling it all up. It's one thing for a liberal crowd to applaud a pro-choice argument, or a gag which mocked a member of the GOP. Have at it. Nothing wrong with partisan applause.

Giving Colbert kudos for sweeping this incident under the political rug while taking shots at Fox News is appalling.


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