Rosario Dawson Says Keystone Pipeline Will Benefit China, not U.S.

Rosario Dawson is firmly on President Barack Obama's side regarding his concern about the Keystone XL pipeline. After all, the Clerks 2 actress says, the finished pipeline would benefit China, not the U.S.


Let's let Dawson explain.

"This pipeline is so that we can start selling to China and other places. Which they would say was about creating some jobs and it’s about bringing in money, but most of that money isn’t trickling down to anybody....

"What is trickling down to us is leakages, spills, bad health, um, contaminated water, contaminated air, radioactive materials, property values dropping, our health. That’s what’s being trickled down to us, and we have to say no to that."

Dawon's solution? Hemp oil.


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