Adam Carolla Blasts Liberals for Ignoring Alec Baldwin's Anti-Gay Tirades

Adam Carolla is quick to defend Alec Baldwin whenever the combustible star is in the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The two share a friendship of sorts. Baldwin has appeared on Carolla's podcast, and Carolla says the two have swapped emails through the years.

It didn't stop Carolla from blasting liberals for giving Baldwin a pass for his outrageous statements.

Carolla, along with fellow podcaster Dr. Drew Pinsky, recently brought up the fact that of the 16 or so writers toiling for Comedy Central's The Colbert Report only one was a woman.

Normally that would rev up the Outrage Police, but Carolla said Stephen Colbert's liberal politics protect him from such scrutiny.

"He's on their side," Carolla said simply.

The same holds true for Baldwin and his incendiary comments about gay people.

"When Alec Baldwin says something derogatory, they get a pass, against the gays, he gets a pass because he's on the right side of the issue even though he, I don't know, called someone a fag or something," he says.


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